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It is through philanthropy that we strengthen all of our connections at Mill Springs Academy – building support among all who cherish our special school and who want to ensure its vitality in the years to come. Our educational program is extraordinary. And to sustain and build upon that excellence requires significant, ongoing support. We invite you to explore the many ways you can partner with us in support of our students, our programs, and our mission of teaching “the way our students learn”. 


Kristin Walpole
Director of Advancement

Why do we have fundraising programs at Mill Springs Academy?

In all independent schools today, private support is an essential element in providing financial stability. Fundraising efforts provide the resources needed to offer the best possible environment for our students, without having to significantly increase tuition. Mill Springs Academy operates a yearly Fund for MSA as well as major gift and capital campaigns as exceptional needs or opportunities arise. All donations to Mill Springs Academy are tax deductible.

What is the Fund for MSA?

The Fund for MSA is our yearly fundraising drive that supplements our operating budget, providing resources for immediate needs. Since tuition does not cover all our expenses, the Fund for MSA makes up the difference between tuition revenue and the actual cost of educating students. The Fund for MSA is our only fund that generates unrestricted support. On average, approximately 95% of our parents participate by making a gift to the Fund for MSA. By supporting the Fund for MSA, parents help minimize tuition increases.

Why doesn't tuition cover all our operating expenses?

Mill Springs Academy strives to limit tuition increases in order to keep our tuition costs competitive with other area independent schools. Yet the cost of providing education to our students continues to rise significantly each year. Without a substantial endowment to absorb these costs, the operating budget increases accordingly each year as we strive to provide competitive salary and benefits for our teachers as well as maintain and operate facilities for our students.

What is a capital campaign?

Mill Springs Academy initiates capital campaigns to cover the costs of special needs such as purchasing land, building new facilities, making substantial improvements to existing property, or to raise endowment funds. The needs for these projects are so great that they cannot be met through our operating budget or the Fund for MSA. We recently completed a successful capital campaign in support of our new Lower/Middle School building.

Advancement Department

Kristin Walpole

Kristin Walpole

Titles: Director of Advancement