This is for occasional rides on the regular AM and/or PM bus routes. Use the Late Bus form for late bus rides.


Occasional Rider Form

If your student does not normally ride the morning or afternoon bus, you can purchase an "occasional rider" pass for them to ride the bus in the morning or afternoon. 

One ride is $20, and you will be asked to provide the date your student will ride the bus.

Please ensure that you inform your principal and advisor that your student will be riding and which bus they should ride.

Payments will be billed through FACTS. 

Parent/Guardian Namerequired
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Student Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Student Grade for 2022-2023 school year:required

Please choose which AM and/or PM stop your student will use:

Occasional Ride Daterequired
The date your student will ride the bus. (Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format)
Please select your AM route:required
Please select your PM route:required
Occasional Rider Costrequired

I understand that the supervision policies for a student on Level S may preclude that student from riding the bus while on Level S. I further understand that if the student is withdrawn or dismissed, no portion of fees paid or outstanding for transportation services will be refunded or canceled.