Lunch Program

Mill Springs Academy's lunch program is provided by Yay Lunch.  Like us, Yay Lunch believes that better food leads to better learning.  

Yay Lunch works with local restaurants to source hot lunches, carefully curating weekly menus that are the perfect combination of nutritious and delicious. Yay Lunch has implemented comprehensive COVID-safe measures to ensure continued lunch safety  Click HERE for parent FAQs.

How to Register:

  1. Create an account on (bookmark this page!)
  2. Add your children as “Lunchers”
  3. Choose Mill Springs Academy as the school. Add grade and teacher’s name.
  4. Choose lunches on your Lunch Calendar for your child.
  5. Add a credit or debit card. Orders are billed weekly, after meals are delivered.
  6. For any questions on the menu, billing or the program, please contact Yay Lunch directly at as they are fully managing the program for us.