Grand Friends Day

Friday, November 19, 2021

Each year, Mill Springs Academy has celebrated the connections that children have with their Grandparents through our annual Grandparents Day. This year, we are excited to continue and expand on our tradition by hosting a virtual Grand Friends Day.  

Grand Friends include grandparents, family friends, or extended family, from a generation with a different perspective, who play an important role in your child’s life.  

Our program will be virtual this year. We plan to share our MSA spirit with our Grand Friends through a presentation by our Head of School, highlights of our innovative electives, and showcasing ways Grand Friends can participate with our library program.  

We would love for your child’s Grand Friends to participate in our virtual event that day!  

In advance of the event,  we will be sending an invitation along with a small gift to the Grand Friends that are currently in the school’s database

Please help us ensure our information is correct by:

  1. Verifying that all Grandparent contact information (mailing address and email) is correct in the school database (FACTS). If it is not correct,  please update any address or email information directly in the database.
  2. If your student has an additional Grand Friend that is not in the database, but you would like us to invite them to the virtual event,  please share their contact information no later than October 1 using the form below.