Booster Pizza Friday

2022-2023 Dates


August 26 January 27
September 23 February 17
October 21 March 17
November 11 April 28
December 2 May 12



The Booster Club offers pizza one Friday each month (for a total of 10 Fridays). The meal includes: a slice of pizza, a water, and a snack for $5.00/meal ($50.00 total).

Additional slices, waters, and snacks are available for purchase:

  • Additional slices are $2.00 per Friday = $20.00
  • An additional snack is $1.00 per Friday = $10.00
  • An additional drink is $1.00 per Friday = $10.00


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Please note that your Booster Pizza Friday reservation for the 2022-2023 school year is only complete when you click submit at the bottom of the form. Payment will be billed through each student's FACTS account.