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News from the Oceans of MSA
Michael "MG" Griffeth

I am pleased to report that our two clownfish (known commonly as Clark’s Anemonefish) have mated and are currently incubating roughly 100 fertilized eggs!  If you look closely at the image below, you will see them guarding the eggs, which are attached to the lower left corner of the tank. We will be continually monitoring the eggs’ development and eventually transferring them once they hatch into a small acclimation tank. 

Secondly, you can see AJ eradicating a nuisance anemone (commonly known as Aptasia). He is injecting a concentrated calcium compound into the mouth of the anemone (a somewhat brutal but necessary task to keep these anemones from overtaking the tank). You can actually see the clownfish guarding their eggs while AJ is working (bottom left of the photo). 

Don’t forget . . . THE OCEAN’S AWESOME!