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Our students are excelling in On-Campus Learning and eLearning because MSA offers:

Individualized Attention Students have time to meet one-on-one with their teacher to discuss lesson questions, receive additional instruction, work on a project, etc. Students who might be struggling to adjust to the extraordinary amount of change and stress in their life also have the opportunity to extend their 1:1 time with a teacher.

"You all were super organized. And asked along the way what could help us all to succeed in an online platform. (My son & I) struggled this week trying to get work done, get on zoom calls, and to be positive and productive! I spoke with (his teacher) today and we came up with a plan to help (my son) get through the areas he struggled with. We implemented the new plan today and it was a roaring success. I can end this day with a smile on my face."

- Lower Parent


Supportive Counselors Our counselors are constantly checking in on our students and families, providing additional advice to parents on how to speak to their children about the virus, and providing coping mechanisms that everyone can use to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

"I helped (a student) bring to light some of the things that he "Can do" now versus focusing on what he cannot do right now. He was able to share with me that he had been able to get on a riding lawnmower to help his neighbor mow the grass, which he had never been able to do before."

- MSA Counselor


Structured schedules MSA teachers continue to teach all classes at the same time for every class period, whether a student is on-campus or online. This allows our students to have the structure of class with the flexibility to complete assignments on their own. Our teachers are the instructors, not our parents.

"I have found that having an agenda for what we are covering in class really has helped the students. In the (physical) classroom I have posted what we were covering for the day and how we would be covering it on a small white board for each period. I have brought over that same method of sharing the agenda with the kids at the start of our classes online. I think the students seeing the check list (that I normally check off after we finish an item) helps with the pacing of class." 

- MSA Teacher


Digital tools MSA offers digital tools that allow our students and teachers to explore in-person and online learning to the fullest. Our teachers have completed Google Certified Educator Level 1 Training, and our online platforms allow students to chat with their classmates and teachers, receive and turn in assignments, and keep up with their lessons in a clear, concise, and convenient way.

“I think that everything in the online learning process is excellent. The attendance process is great and I enjoy Google Meet. Getting assignments online is my favorite part of this process. I think the system you have set up is amazing and I enjoy being in the comfort of my home. I’m looking forward to us using Zoom next week so we can present our work to the class.”

- PreUpper Student


Creative classes that allow our students to continue exploring their passions. Academic rigor isn't only found in the core classes. Our students continue to have their extracurricular classes including art, band, and drama. These classes may look a little different, but the creativity and learning behind them is the same.

"Being that our Coral Lab science elective class is predominately a “hands-on” experience, it was refreshing to have the students keep the same hands-on mentality while expressing their love for coral reef creatures through artistic expression. Students made artwork using objects found around their house to create their animals. It was a great way to reconnect to the ocean while being isolated at home!"

- MSA Teacher


Social Settings MSA believes that it is important for our students to continue their community interactions with each other. Our students miss their friends as much as they miss their teachers. MSA continues to offer additional activities that celebrate friendship and life inside at outside the classroom while still maintaining social distancing.

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If you are interested in learning more about life at MSA, both online and on campus, please contact our Admissions Office or join us for Open House or a tour.

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