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Below are some questions we frequently receive from our donors about giving at Mill Springs Academy.

Why do we have fundraising programs at Mill Springs Academy?

In all independent schools today, private support is an essential element in providing financial stability. Fundraising efforts provide the resources needed to offer the best possible environment for our students, without having to significantly increase tuition. Mill Springs Academy operates a yearly Annual Fund as well as major gift and capital campaigns as exceptional needs or opportunities arise. All donations to Mill Springs Academy are tax deductible.

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is our yearly fundraising drive that supplements our operating budget, providing resources for immediate needs. Since tuition does not cover all our expenses, the Annual Fund makes up the difference between tuition revenue and the actual cost of education students. The Annual Fund is our only fund that generates unrestricted support. On average, approximately 95% of our parents participate by making a gift to the Annual Fund. By supporting the Annual Fund, parents help minimize tuition increases.

Why doesn't tuition cover all our operating expenses?

Mill Springs Academy strives to limit tuition increases in order to keep our tuition costs competitive with other area independent schools. Yet the cost of providing education to our students continues to rise significantly each year. Without a substantial endowment to absorb these costs, the operating budget increases accordingly each year as we strive to provide competitive salary and benefits for our teachers as well as maintain and operate facilities for our students.

What is a capital campaign?

Mill Springs Academy initiates capital campaigns to cover the costs of special needs such as purchasing land, building new facilities, making substantial improvements to existing property, or to raise endowment funds. The needs for these projects are so great that they cannot be met through our operating budget or Annual Fund. We recently completed a successful capital campaign in support of our new Lower/Middle School building.

What are the school's Fundraising Principles & Standards?

Fundraising Principles and Standards

These principles and standards were developed to protect Mill Springs Academy, its mission and our donors. They are for organizations and individuals who conduct, direct, or participate in the practice of generating philanthropic support for Mill Springs Academy.

  • All fundraisers must be approved by Mill Springs' Development Office in the spring prior to the school year in which they are planned to be carried out.
  • Fundraisers can only be performed by Mill Springs Development Office and/or recognized school clubs, curricular clubs, and parent organizations.
  • School employees or parent groups may not ask students for funds for gifts for individuals.
  • No outside organizations of any sort may solicit contributions of any type from students, within the schools.
  • All solicitation and communication materials should be submitted to the MSA Development Director and Communications Director for approval prior to their use (including but not limited to promotional pieces, fliers, letters, invitations, and website copy/designs).
  • Those engaged in fundraising for the school may not participate in activities that harm the school and its mission or disparage in any way a member of the MSA Staff, Faculty, and/or its various constituent groups.
  • Those engaged in fundraising for the school must adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of all applicable state, local, and federal civil and criminal laws.
  • Those engaged in fundraising for the school shall take care to ensure that contributions are used in accordance with donors' intentions.
  • All donor and prospect information including but not limited to contact information and giving history, shall not be transferred or utilized except on behalf of the school and under direct supervision by the MSA Development Office.

How to Contact the Development Office:

Mary Ramirez
Leila Smith
mramirez@millsprings.org lsmith@millsprings.org

as of 8/22/2013

What are the school's Social Media and Logo Policies?

Social media refers to online tools and services that allow any Internet user to create and publish content. Popular social media tools include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube, etc. Mill Springs Academy community members (students, faculty, administrators, staff, and parents) may not create any social media accounts that use any versions of the Mill Springs Academy (MSA) name, logo, or likeness without the express written authorization of the Director of Marketing and Communications.

Mill Springs Academy community members (students, faculty, administrators, staff, parents, and alumni) must obtain written permission for the use of the school name, logo, or mission statement in any medium. Please contact the Director of Marketing and Communications for permission and appropriate file formats.

How to Contact the Director of Marketing and Communications:

Emily Koehl