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Parent University

The mission of Mill Springs Academy's Parent University is to advance the understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder and other language-based learning difficulties.

Parent U features experts in the field who are dedicated to research and evidence-based practice. Parent U  workshops are free and open to the Mill Springs Academy community.

Registration is strongly recommended for all Parent U events and typically opens up around a month before the event.

Thoughts or questions? Contact Margaret Brito at mbrito@millsprings.org.


Learning Disabilities: Processing problems, Expressive/Receptive, Auditory Processing Disorder, Visual Processing Disorder
Tuesday, February 11, 2020 8:15 - 10:30 a.m.

Presenter:  Brenda Fitzgerald

Brenda Fitzgerald, Ed.S., CDP is a founder of Gracepoint School and the Executive Director of the Georgia Educational Training Agency. Brenda will review the topics of Expressive and Receptive Language-based learning differences and Auditory Processing. She will also discuss impacts and strategies for each of these learning differences. 


Past 2019-2020 
Parent U Events:

9/23/19 - ADHD 
Brenda Fitzgerald, Ed.S., CDP discussed ADHD research and answered questions from parents.


11/7/19 - Emotional Regulation
Dr. Jennifer Bailey discussed  how to recognize the triggers that precede certain behaviors, how to identify the behavior, and set effective consequences and rewards.


12/5/19 - Understanding Dyslexia
Brenda Fitzgerald, Ed.S., CDP discussed dyslexia and proper remediation and accommodations for the dyslexic child.