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Collection Development

Gifts to the Library

Gift and donated books often help to enrich the library collection. All gift and donated items will be considered by the librarian. Books that are not selected for the collection may be made available to teachers, sold, or given to charity.


Updated May 2014

The school’s policy regarding materials offered in the Library for staff and student access is as follows:

Although Mill Springs Academy is an independent private school, we do follow basic Judeo/Christian teachings. The Mill Springs Academy Library adheres to the American Library Association’s Freedom to Read Statement and Code of Ethics. The MSA Library believes in the principles of intellectual freedom and resists all efforts to censor library resources. Therefore, we do not discriminate on placement of books in the library, short of out-and-out pornography.

Because our school supports a broad base school population, books are organized based on age appropriateness and interest level. Teachers and library staff have the right to restrict checkout of inappropriate materials based upon the student’s grade level, age, and reading ability.

Questions from parents or staff members regarding books and materials that have been added to the Library are directed to the Librarian. If the Librarian is not able to resolve the issue that the parent or staff member has with the book or material, the issue will be referred to the Headmaster and Principal for resolution. The final decision as to the removal of a book or material from the Library will reside with the Headmaster.

Robert W. Moore, Headmaster