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One Word Life-Changing Accomodating Inclusive Unique Welcoming Safe Gratitude

Welcome to the MSA Community! This is the place where you will find lots of things related to your Community. If you can't find it feel free to contact the Administration Office for help 770-360-1336. You might even want to try to search the website - just look for the "What are you looking for?" field at the bottom of every screen and type in your need.

ONE Word

Our ONE Word picture above came about because of a survey in the MSA Weekly News. Annually we ask our Community, "If you could use only ONE word to describe Mill Springs Academy, what ONE word would YOU use, and why?" We receive words from parents, grandparents, students, past parents, and faculty. They are all represented in the picture, the quotes to follow are taken from the responses to "Why?"

"SUPPORTIVE because I think every one here and everything here is so supportive on everything you do and try to do." --Student

"LIFESAVER because MSA has been just that for our son." --Parent

"Mill Springs is a SAFE place to learn, grow, and be the person you truly are." --MSA Instructor

"EXTRAORDINARY because the curriculum and school day is so wonderfully tailored to facilitate academic and social growth in ADHD kids." --Parent

"Child by child, situation by situation, moment by moment, from teacher to teacher - MSA does what it takes to help our children be SUCCESSFUL." --Past Parent