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Occasional Bus Rider

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If your student does not normally ride the bus but is going home with a friend, or you just need them to ride the bus "this one time" for whatever reason, you can do that.

One ride is $20 - you will be asked to provide the date your student will ride the bus.

Please ensure that you inform your principal that your student will be riding and which bus they should ride.

You will be prompted for payment upon submission.

If riding the Late Bus make sure to choose one of those options titled LATE BUS. Buses 1-5 leave campus at 3:30.​​
Indicate the date your student is riding​​​
Will your student ride in the morning or afternoon? If afternoon, be certain to advise your principal.​

By purchasing an Occasional Bus Rider Pass, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the Bus Rider policies, procedures, and expectations that are listed on the Bus Rider Information page at www.millsprings.org/LateBus.