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We have had a fabulous week filled with the Book Fair, Thanksgiving Feasts, the Life After the 8th Grade workshop for students, as well as the band and chorus rehearsals. All of that culminated in today - Grandparents' Day! This is one of our largest events of the year, and we love hosting our grandparents each year. Our gym is full of our grandparents right now while I type this. You can check Facebook for the video I posted to see if you can pick out your grandparents.


Just a couple reminders before I let you get to the reading of the Good Stuff - make sure you read all the way to the end. Don't forget today's bus leaves at 12:30pm (15 minutes earlier than normal for an early dismissal day). The canned food drive ends on Monday when we return. And YIKES, there are only 39 days until Christmas - I gotta get some shopping done. :)


Have a very happy Thanksgiving and be safe!


Fine Artist of the Week

This week we would like to honor the One-Act Play Troupe. The GISA Regional One-Act Play competition was held this past Saturday. The MSA One-Act cast and crew performed The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) at the competition. When you see any of the cast and crew listed below please congratulate them! They placed 3rd in the Region! Also, Junior Henry Wallace earned "Best Actor" award. Congratulations to Henry and the entire crew.


Cast and Crew pictured in this order:

Ella Jensen, Emily Suarez, Eli Gelertner, Vivian Anker, Collins Losson, Patrick Rose, Cameron Carr, Henry Wallace, Anthony Papasidero and Robert Papasidero.


The school performance will be December 7th at 1:30pm in the Stallings Theater. The play is rated PG-13. You are welcome to join us, if you are able. 


Thank you to the PVA!

College Day was a SUCCESS. We had almost 40 representatives from various colleges and universities who were very impressed with our students and grateful to be welcomed into such a warm community of students and staff. The reps were especially grateful for the lunch and refreshments that were provided as a result of your generosity. A couple of them stated that they love coming to MSA because we go above and beyond with our hospitality. You all are the BEST and we are grateful for all that you do to support our endeavors! Thank you PVA!


The Counseling Team


Class of 2019

Congratulations to the following students on being accepted to the indicated schools:

  • Emily Hyman - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Robert Papasidero - Kennesaw State University

Early Dismissal/School Closed


EARLY DISMISSAL - Grandparents' Day - TODAY!

Friday, November 16, 2018

12:15p – Carpool

12:30p – Bus Departs



Monday - Friday, November 19-23

Thanksgiving Holiday


What Else Would You Do With Dry Ice?

Students in Martha's Physical Science Honors classes have been studying states of matter such as solids, liquids, and gases.  (Can you name the other two states?)  Among the things we've studied about these different phases is how to change one state to another state such as melting, freezing, and boiling.  A change that students might have been unfamiliar with until introduced to it in class is that of sublimation.

Sublimation involves a solid changing directly to a gas without stopping off in the liquid state.  Dry ice is famous for its tendency to sublime (change directly from a solid to a gas).  Martha brought in some dry ice for the students to observe this phenomenon on their own.  They watched the dry ice form a cushion of gas under itself on the counter top such that it could float around with light pushes like a hockey puck on an air hockey table.  READ MORE Pictured in front: Clayton Weseman, Adriano Hagedorn, Zach Weiss brewing up some dry ice root beer for their floats.



Everyone should have received their Teacher and Staff Holiday Gift contribution letter in the mail this past week.  Just a reminder that the deadline for contributions is Friday, December 7th.  Each year, MSA parents have generously thanked our teachers and staff  with a group cash gift.  No amount is too big or too small!!  Remember, you get the added advantage of not having to go buy gifts for staff, teachers and your child's principal at those pesky crowded stores!!


You can mail a check for your entire donation payable to MSA/PVA to the school or feel free to personally deposit your envelope in the decorative holiday basket located in the Administration Building.  You can also make an online payment through the MSA/PVA Store. Just go to  Scroll down to Teacher & Staff Gift Contribution.  Enter the amount you would like to contribute along with your name and email address. Then click "Submit."


Together, we can make this a very special holiday season for the INCREDIBLE teachers and staff of Mill Springs Academy.


If you should have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact Debbie Drew. Thank You.  


Canned Food Drive ENDS SOON

Let's get together to feed those in need! Please join MSA and the Atlanta Community Food Bank to take a bite out of hunger in Metro Atlanta. We have big goals this year, so we hope you will participate (and maybe bug a neighbor or two). Many hands make light work and big differences!


Deadline: Monday, November 26, 2018

*Please do NOT bring glass items or perishables



  • Whole grain goods: whole wheat pasta, brown rice, whole grain cereal, whole wheat flour, whole grain crackers, plain oatmeal
    Shelf stable milk (cow, soy, rice, etc.)
  • Fruit, dried or canned in light syrup or juice 
  • Low-sodium, no salt added vegetables
  • Low-sodium pasta sauce in plastic container
  • Foods high in protein: Natural peanut butter (no hydrogenated oil), dried beans, dried peas, dried lentils, canned tuna (canned in water, not oil), canned salmon (canned in water, not oil), canned chicken (canned in water, not oil), unsalted nuts
  • 100% fruit and/or vegetable juice
  • Cooking oil (olive oil, canola oil)


Families and individuals who struggle to put food on the table also have a tough time with the household essentials many of us take for granted. In addition to food, these non-food items are greatly needed and appreciated:

  • Paper products
  • Diapers
  • Toiletries

Festival Time is Upon Us

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us ... Communication Arts Festival Time!! This year our students have been hard at work creating the festival "Technology through Time". We have been studying inventors of technology from the invention of fire to nanotechnology. The entire Mill Springs community has been contributing some very exciting exhibits. Everyone is invited Wednesday, November 28th from 10:30am to 12:30pm! Hope to see you there. Pictured is Olivia Wallace's poster on Orville Wright.

-- Bonnie Bergstresser, CommArts Instructor


WOW! What a Wednesday!

Wednesday Lower School students had a wonderful day full of excitement. First, we practiced for our Grandparents' Day performance. It's coming along nicely and the students are working very hard on this special performance. Then, each class took turns going to the Book Fair. It's always exciting getting new books! Later, we had a short musical presentation by violinist, Karen McClary. The students really enjoyed listening to her play. We then watched the classic, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." Finally, we had our annual Thanksgiving feast. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and other delicious food from Boston Market. The students were dressed up in some pretty snazzy outfits. They all looked so nice. We had such an amazing day on Wednesday building memories together.

--Branigan Hughes, Lower School Instructor


Sign Up for the Exam Bus

If your student is in PreUpper, CommArts, or Upper and will need to ride the Exam Bus during exam week, here is your chance to sign up


If you already ride the bus in the afternoon, you can take the Exam Bus at no cost - you are already paying for it. Please make sure you review the stops, it is the same route as the Late Bus.


If you don't ride the afternoon bus, but would like to take advantage of the Exam Bus, still check the route, and then make sure you sign up to ride the Exam Bus. The cost is $20 per ride.


Please Consider Volunteering

The PVA Mill Springs Holiday market is once again around the corner. Please consider volunteering to help set up, the children shop, to wrap presents, break down the shop, and any other easy details that may come our way. 


November 30 is the day we set up for all the excited kids. 

December 3, 4, and 5 are the shopping days.

Please see all the time slots in the Sign Up Genius.


To all returning volunteers thank you once again. To any new volunteer, you will love to see how much excitement the children have shopping for friends and family! 


I have volunteered helping out for a few seasons but, this is my first year organizing this wonderful program. Please consider helping out with this easy and fun event. We need you!


Thank you,

Lori McCullers 6th grade mom of Katie

text or call 770-841-5313



Finding Our Inner Poe

In American Lit, our 10th graders have been studying Romanticism-from the mid to late 1800s.  After reading Edgar Allan Poe's "A Cask of Amontillado" and "Fall of the House of Usher," students were given the opportunity to create their own story of the Macabre; students had a great time finding just the right elements of Romanticism to incorporate into their stories.  They also had to weave in appropriate literary elements to help keep their stories in true Poe style!  Their stories were POE-rrific and some even set their stories to scary music as they presented them to the class!  I am THANKful for all of my creative writers! Pictured are Bella Rousseaux and Mallory Mulhern

--Tracy Schutz, Upper School Instructor


CHANGE in Early Dismissal Times

There is a change in the times for Early Dismissal transportation going forward. So for those of you that use the spiral-bound, paper calendar you received at the start of the year, make this change to it:

12:15pm - Carpool for all

12:30pm - Bus Departs

That means the bus will leave 15 minutes EARLIER than posted, which also means you will need to arrive 15 minutes EARLIER than you have in the past. Listed below are the dates that will be effected:

  • Friday, November 16 - TODAY
  • Wednesday, December 19
  • Friday, March 29
  • Thursday, April 18

The school's calendar has been updated to reflect those changes as well. Early Dismissal on May 24th will not be effected, that will remain as posted. 


Happy Turkey Day

This week Middle School Reading Classes have enjoyed spending time at the Book Fair. Brittany has done a fabulous job and the students had fun shopping for books! Katie McCullers, a 6th grader, won the raffle and received a FREE POSTER!!!


Wednesday, all students participated in the traditional Thanksgiving Feast and filled up on wonderful food from Boston Market, including, turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn. Students shared essays on things that they were thankful for; Mill Springs Academy was cited in almost every one (pictured are the students listening to those messages of thanks)! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends!

--Christy Chase, Middle School Instructor


Congratulations Go To...

All of the Box Tops and Coke Caps have been counted and the following students turned in the most tops and caps for each school.


  • Lower - Neil Mukana
  • Middle - Zachary Munro
  • PreUpper - Andrew Buchberger
  • CA - Jeremiah Jones
  • Upper - Christian Kelm


Thank you to all students and parents who sent in or dropped off items. Keep collecting! We'll have a school wide collection again this spring. 


MSA Plays Host to HamJam

This past Saturday, about 160 hams (picture 2) from all over the north Georgia area, including the Section Manager (head of the Amateur Radio community in Georgia), David Benoist, gathered at Mill Springs to participate in HamJam.  HamJam is sponsored by our local Amateur Radio club, the North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL).  This is the second year that Mill Springs has hosted this event.


HamJam is sometimes described as a filet of a hamfest, a gathering of hams that features just the best parts of such a gathering.  HamJam offers an opportunity for hams from different clubs and areas to see and chat with each other (this is sometimes referred to as an 'eyeball QSO' in hamspeak), hear some great speakers on a variety of ham topics, and have an opportunity to win some great prizes.


A hospitality room was set up in the PreUpper Great Room.  Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages were available along with a selection of sweet and salty snacks.  (In his opening remarks - picture 1 - MSA Headmaster Robert Moore recommended the walnut brownies to the crowd.) READ MORE


Community Cares & Concerns

The Allen Family
The Buckley Family
Families affected by the California Wildfires
Holiday Travelers
The Simmons Family
The Smith Family

If there is ever a care or concern you would like to share with the community, please just email me at any time, I will be glad to include either names or situations. For privacy, I will only list names and claim ignorance if anyone asks me for details. Cheri 

No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.

 --Robert Southey





November 19 - 23, 2018

Thanksgiving Holiday - SCHOOL CLOSED


Monday, November 26

  • Canned Food Drive Ends
  • Chick-fil-A Day




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