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Summer e-Package Mailing

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2019-2020 School Year

Even though you are still enjoying summer, on campus at Mill Springs we are preparing for fall. As we make those preparations, we need your help in getting some information from you.

Below you will find all of the items that are included in the Summer E-Package. You can tell if the items are related to your student because they are listed either by specific grades (6th-12th Grades), schools (PU/CA/U), or "All" if it relates to everyone. The items with an asterick (*) are required by everyone as indicated. The deadline to complete and turn this paperwork in is no later than Monday, August 5.

If you open "Summer e-Package Checklist (with links)" it will help you navigate through everything.

Some of the items listed below will be forms to fill out and sign, some will be links to membership forms you can fill out and pay for through the Mustang Market. The yearbook and lunch program will take you to other websites. Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is a required item, please look at them carefully.

Please review everything, if you have any questions, just contact the school office at 770-360-1336.