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ONE Word

What ONE word describes MSA, and why that word?

ONE Word graphic made up of all the words

On an annual basis we ask our families this question and below are their heart-felt reasons for their personal ONE Word. If you didn't get a chance to, please feel free to share YOUR ONE Word and why?

Supportive - Until we found Mill Springs this year, our daughter and our family experienced a great deal of frustration and alienation as we tried one school after the other. At Mill Springs, she is no longer expected to "fend for herself" in a school system that doesn’t fit her. The support she is receiving is a blessing for her and our entire family! -Upper Parent

Everything - Mill Springs has made everything better in our lives. Our son is happier, learning more easily, maturing and forging genuine relationships. Finding this school has been the answer to everything we ever dared to dream for our son. -PreUpper Parent

WOW - Need I say any more? - CommArts Parent

Hope - When I look at the Upper school students get on the bus in the mornings... when I read an update from an alum... when I am on campus and I see all the opportunities... when I listen to my son and I hear how motivated he is to succeed... -PreUpper Parent

Dedicated - Mill Springs’ teachers work tirelessly each day to help our daughter learn and grow. Mill Springs Academy offers inclusion, support, and love while also providing an individualized education. We are grateful for MSA’s commitment to nurture our child and blessed to have found this community. -Lower Parent

Metamorphic—in my 25 years at MSA I have seen multiple examples of the metamorphic impact on the lives of children and families. Dictionary.com defines it as “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.” Scared, anxious, and defeated children come here and leave confident, self advocating and resilient. Mill Springs is truly metamorphic in their lives! -Staff/Faculty

Awesome - and why? Because it is the best school EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Middle Student

Comforting - I honestly feel like this school always has our worried, sleepless, needy, backs at all times. There is no accounting for the relief that provides. Thanks MSA. From the bottom of our hearts. -Upper Parent

Compassionate - The staff is always concerned about the student's welfare, at school and at home. -CommArts Parent

Patient or Encouraging - Laurie and the Lower School team knew my son would be able to settle in and become a leader. They were patient and have stood by him since last year knowing he could reach his true potential! -Lower Parent

Encouragement - We are new to the school but one word I would use is encouragement. Not only from the teachers but also the students. The amount of encouragement and positive reinforcement has been amazing to see both in academics and with the other students in soccer. I think MSA has encouraged my child to push beyond her comfort zone and opened new doors and talents she didn't know were there. -PreUpper Parent

Safe - Mill Springs offers a safe place for students to make mistakes, learn from them, and be positively reinforced in a plethora of ways. -Middle Parent

Uplifting - The spirit of the school is one of uplifting students to help them KNOW they can succeed. -Staff/Faculty

Individualism – Because the staff do their very best to teach Nicholas the best way for him to learn given issues that he is faced with. -CommArts Parent

Support - Support for our kids as they navigate all of these much needed life lessons that will prepare them for the “real world”. They are learning what they need to learn not only academically but socially and as a citizen in a no judgement environment where there is a safety net of support. -Upper Parent

Acceptance - Because they accept people for who they are and understand that sometimes conflicts happen, but they always try to resolve it. Also I've seen many kids there that are different races, religions and have different personalities so acceptance is my perfect word! -PreUpper Student

Relief - We have had a long journey in school with William. It was always a challenge to have teachers and principals who support his needs in the public school setting.It is such a great “relief” to not hear the negative/disappointing events of the day when he returns home and then having to write emails all the time for not following through on the support. He gets in the car happy and chatty about his day at school. That is the most important thing to me! -Middle Parent

Inclusion - All types of learners are valued and bring genius to the world. -Upper Parent

Believing - When our son was at his lowest, Mill Springs believed in our son and his great potential. Because of this, he immediately felt more confident and at home at Mill Springs. They saw the best in him and have supported him in areas of growth. -Lower Parent

Creative – of course! Mill Springs is full of students and staff that come up with creative solutions to the challenges before them. They (we) are some serious out of the box thinkers!!! -Staff/Faculty

Transforming - Changes idea of schooling. -Middle Parent

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - 😉 aka wonderful! -CommArts Parent

Phewwwwww - Not sure this is a word, but “phewwwwww”. With my son's lack of executive functioning skills, middle school was merely about surviving. Now that he’s at Mill Springs, I know that everyone is invested in his success and have the tools they need to support him. I’m so relieved he doesn’t hate school anymore. -Upper Parent

Fantastical - Because Everybody’s so nice there. -Middle Student

Love - On the last day of school as we were driving home my son, with tears in his eyes turned to me and said "Mom this school is so full of love. I don't know what would have happened to me if we hadn't found it". We are grateful every day for Mill Springs Academy. -Upper Parent

Life-changing - I would say the one word is life-changing. I say this because Everett is excited to go to school everyday and he feels like he can succeed at MSA. I haven’t seen him like this since he was in 2nd or 3rd grade!! -PreUpper Parent

Heart – Everyone at MSA has heart. -Staff/Faculty

Possibility - Mill Springs has given our child the possibility to play sports, try a musical instrument and the possibility to try and accomplish anything he decides to try because of a faculty and staff that encourages everyone! -Middle Parent

Endearing - MSA is endearing to its students as it inspires them to have a love for learning, while enhancing the value of a curriculum, which educates the ‘whole child’ - academically, athletically and socially. -Upper Parent

as of 9/21/2018