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What ONE word describes MSA, and why that word?

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On an annual basis we ask our families this question and below are their heart-felt reasons for their personal ONE Word. If you didn't get a chance to, please feel free to share YOUR ONE Word and why?

HOPE – I was out of ideas and low on hope when Mill Springs accepted our son. It has been a huge relief knowing he is in a safe and caring environment with staff who are determined to uncover an amazing person waiting to break free! Thank you for all you do for all the students at Mill Springs Academy! (Upper Parent)

LIFE-CHANGING - Before our son entered Mill Springs we were constantly worried about whether he was going to succeed in school (and in life). The change we have seen in him in the past two years has really been amazing and truly life-changing for him, and for us. He wakes up every morning and is excited about going to school! (PreUpper Parent)

TEACHERS – That’s what makes Mill Springs, Mill Springs! You can’t have a great school without wonderful, dedicated, caring teachers (and of course wonderful staff too!) (Upper Parent)

COURAGE - It has a special place in my heart for many reasons. First the Bible verse: Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Secondly, it’s MY word. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, deep down in my heart I knew that it would take COURAGE to face whatever battle was ahead for me. Interestingly, after my double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, a beautiful person visited me in my hospital room and gave me many gifts of support. One of the gifts included a stuffed Lion, named, you guessed it, COURAGE. It’s been 8 1/2 years and I still have him. Finally, I feel it’s “OUR” word, the MSA community, because of the COURAGE it takes each and every day for not only our children to “show up” and learn in their own special way but also for our parents to have the COURAGE it takes to face the everyday challenges with open hearts and open minds and tons of love. Thank you for allowing me to share. (PreUpper Parent)

HOLISTIC – MSA examines all aspects of their students, and all the many facets thereof. (Upper Parent)

UNDERSTANDING – You give it, and we feel it. So thank you! (Middle Parent)

IMPACTFUL – MSA Lower School teachers are solely responsible for our daughter making strides academically. Our gratitude is profound. (Lower Parent)

ACCOMMODATING – We’ve only been at the school for a short period of time but can see that it is easy to share our needs and that they will be heard and accommodated if possible. (Lower Parent)

ACCEPTINGI just told some prospective parents that I met in the Upper School lobby recently, that Mill Springs is open to working with all different types of kids and learning styles. I have been so happy to see the diversity and inclusivity programming as well which makes Mill Springs such a strong community.  So many good words: Community, Inclusivity. Thanks for the opportunity to express our gratitude! (Upper Parent)

FAMILY - We have been lucky enough to bond with people who have become family to us and we never would have met them if it wasn’t for MSA.  They have been very important members of my “village” in raising both our daughter and son, and seeing them through their formative years. (Upper Parent)

FREEDOM – Without Mill Springs so many doors would be closed to my son. Mill Springs gives him the ability to grow, discover and become who he is supposed to be to his full potential. (PreUpper Parent)

BLOSSOM – Our daughter came to MSA in the 2nd half of 5th grade. She had been excluded in public school. Not fitting in anywhere because of social anxiety after bullying at another Atlanta area dyslexia school in 4th grade and not fitting in with the speed talking public school girls. She came in March of 2018 and by year end she was out of her shy shell (I don't think she is even shy, just introverted), happy, loving school, having a friend group for the first time in her life, proud of her academic skills and feeling really safe. She had to be away in 6th grade and requested to be at Mill Springs for 7th. She's not yet blooming; she's still bound by social, academic, and other anxiety. The year is early and the friend groups and classes are all different. However, I expect her to have the same year end result as she did in 5th grade. With just half year of school at public school in 5th, she was saying she was dumb. At MSA she knows she's not dumb, she's smart. Her brain just processes information differently. As a parent, there is nothing that can compare to seeing your kid learning grade level or above grade level material and feeling confident about themselves in every area. Confidence now = confidence later when the guard rails are removed. (PreUpper Parent)

WELCOMING – MSA is welcoming to differences, to ideas and suggestions, to newcomers. It is a welcoming place where people feel comfortable and at home. (Middle Parent)

HAPPINESS – Our son has been so happy at MSA since he started in January and it makes my husband and me so happy to see him so happy. (Middle Parent)

AMAZING – our whole family has been so happy with our experience so far this year at Mill Springs. Everyone we’ve had the pleasure to meet and who works with him on a daily basis has been so caring and supportive. (Middle Parent)

PRICELESS – Expensive! I’m just kidding! I would say PRICELESS. Our son has excelled at MSA, and I am so grateful. (Upper Parent)

CONNECT – We connect with a lot of people at MSA. People in passing while walking/visiting the school grounds. There is a connectedness, a sense of community. OK that is two words but the one I want you to use is connect. (CommArts Parent)

SPECTACULAR – because this school has helped me so much. (Upper Student)

AWESOME – Because everybody is nice and I have received a lot of help. (PreUpper Student)

AWESOME – Because MSA is fun, cool and nice. (Middle Student)

FUN – Because all of the programs are fun like JTF and Band. (Middle Student)

IMPACTFUL - Mill Springs Academy was unquestionably impactful on me when I attended (7th-12th), becoming a cornerstone of who I am today. Because of MSA's direction, guidance, and feedback system (especially the feedback), I was able to graduate, do well, be successful, and arguably most important of all, make a difference. I graduated and went on to Georgia College, earned my B.S. in Biology and Criminal Justice (minor), and then earned my MBA (also at Georgia College). In my professional career, I've had tremendous success at VMware, Inc., especially so in my interactions with clients (internal and external clients alike). I attribute traits that I demonstrated in the college environment, as well as traits today in the corporate environment, to Mill Springs during some very formative years. Thank you! Alumni, MSA 2007

MEMORABLE – Alumni, MSA 2019

COMMUNITY –Alumni, MSA 2014

HOPE - Mill Springs Academy is a place where students who have been failed by other schools and systems can find a chance not only to succeed and find acceptance, but to thrive. This is a place of second chances and abundantly understanding love, where dreams previously undreamt may be made manifest and futures can be brightened. (Staff/Faculty)

GENEROUS - It encapsulates our whole community: our parents are generous with their hopes to help their children and the school, our kids our generous with their wonder and imagination, and our staff is generous with their time and consideration. (Staff/Faculty)

RESILIENT - Because the school as a community has gone through many changes in the past several months but we are all still here both students and faculty giving our best. (Staff/Faculty)

FAMILY - This is my fourth year teaching here and since day one, Robert, administrators, and teachers made me feel like part of this “big” family. I feel blessed! (Staff/Faculty)

CARING - Since I’ve been at MSA, every Communication Arts teacher has been very supportive and caring not only of each other as teachers but most importantly of each student. Each communication arts teacher has bent over backwards to find ways to reach out to every child not only academically but to foster a feeling of community and compassion. This sort of care only comes from within – a love of the place, the students, the learning and most importantly, they believe that each child and teacher is an investment and can contribute to greater good. (Staff/Faculty)

UNIQUE - at MSA we see every student as an individual, and we have a special connection with each student and with each other. That is hard to find at other schools. Mill Springs is a very unique and special place. (Staff/Faculty)

HEART – the one factor that determines the success of the whole. (Staff/Faculty)

HAPPY – you can always find a smiling face. (Staff/Faculty)

AMAZING – Because for 27 years I have the pleasure of teaching amazing children and working with amazing people. (Staff/Faculty)

EVOLVING – We are evolving in a good way. (Staff/Faculty)

MOTIVATING – the teachers and students want to succeed and to see those around them succeed. (Staff/Faculty)

PROMISING – with a willing heart and a desire to improve the sky is truly the limit. (Staff/Faculty)

INSPIRING – a new wave of motivation and enthusiasm is moving through our school. (Staff/Faculty)

COMMITTED – The students and staff are committed to do what is necessary to get results.  (Staff/Faculty)

as of 9/13/2019