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ONE Word

What ONE word describes MSA, and why that word?

On an annual basis we ask our families this question and below are their heart-felt reasons for their personal ONE Word. If you didn't get a chance to, please feel free to share YOUR ONE Word and why?

Monumental - MSA has completely changed our lives. Our son is excited about school now and is in a positive place. At MSA he is so unbelievably happy with his new friends and loving staff! We are so grateful for what MSA has done for our son and family as a whole ... it is an amazing thing what patience, positivity, caring, loving, and so much more can do for a child. -- Lower School parent

Transformational because it works to positively change the lives of its students. --Upper School parent

Home and Family - Mill Springs is home and family to us. It's a place where we're all understood, accepted, loved, challenged, comforted, pushed to do our personal best and held accountable when we don't, picked up when we're down, encouraged, and reminded every day that we aren't on this journey alone. --Middle School parent

Focused - Because of smaller class sizes, my son gets the attention and discipline that was missing in his prior school. Also the attention on the Levels System make students kinder and more accountable for their actions. --PreUpper parent

Transforming - a few weeks after my son started at MSA our family, friends, associates including his therapists saw a 180 degree change in him. --Lower School parent

Amazing - To be able to witness in some cases a total change in a student's way of thinking and a way of problem solving blows me away. And to be a part of that process in even a small way is truly a blessing. --Faculty

Validated - MSA has instilled a sense of confidence and self-worth in my daughter that did not exist in her prior, public school life. Rather than being beaten down, MSA 'validates' her every day and makes her feel accepted, important, understood and validated. I cannot tell you just how much of a difference MSA has made in her life and our lives because of the accepting culture that lives and breathes at MSA. --Communication Arts parent

Exceptional - It's tough to just give one word because there are so many words that apply. --PreUpper parent

Caring - All the teachers, the headmaster, the principal and counselors care. They know her by name.When she has a bad day they work with her as long as she needs help to get her back on track. Of course everyone cares if she is doing well in her subjects, but even more they care about my daughter herself! Two years ago I felt she would drop out of school and now she likes it and flourishes at school. Thank you EVERYONE at Mill Springs! --Upper School parent

Hope - MSA has given hope and confidence and encouragement to educate kids in a way they need. My biggest wish came true. --Communication Arts parent

Compassion - MSA's staff exudes compassion and understanding for learning differences. This has allowed my son to grow exponentially both academically and emotionally over his 7 years there. When a student feels understood, it's amazing what he/she can accomplish. Thank you, MSA! --Upper School parent

Guiding - Because we have a supportive, well-defined community structure based on values that promotes a positive, courteous, cooperative, and considerate way of being. And we (the community of MSA) expect these values of every person. --Faculty

Inclusive - Mill Springs Academy includes, recognizes, and celebrates children regardless of their learning style, unique challenges, or quirks. In this setting, being "different" is OK! --Lower School parent

Accepting - At the bus stop, at the soccer games, at school ... from the teachers and other parents ... I feel my child is accepted and loved for who he is. --Middle School parent

Solution - Because my daughter was struggling in the public school, spending many nights in tears struggling to get her homework done with my help. Now, she's able to do her homework alone and gets good grades - the tears are gone! Thank you Mill Springs! --Upper School parent

Amazing - Our son has learned more and shown more progress since he's been at Mill Springs than any other school. And we are just getting started!!! --Lower School parent

Impactive - His confidence has gone through the roof, his social skills have improved, and he loves school. --Middle School parent

Hope - To be able to learn the way they need to be taught and to finally be successful in school. --Faculty

Acceptance - Everyone is different in how they look at life and learn. Mill springs understand and inspires those differences so that the kids excel! They become strong with their own character so that they have the confidence to succeed no matter how tough the journey. --Upper School parent

Belong - Cannot imagine any other place my son would be as happy and successful. --PreUpper Parent

Passionate - The teachers I met with had a lot of energy and passion for teaching and it made a strong impression. --Middle School parent

Relief in knowing your child is in a safe healthy environment in which to learn and enjoy school during difficult times. --Upper School parent

Altruism - There is a real and honest desire from everybody at MSA, faculty, staff and students to help each other. This is the basic building block on which humanism is based. --PreUpper parent

Love - It covers every inch of MSA !! --Faculty

Gemstone - Mill Springs is a gemstone, everything is at one place. it is a treasure hidden in the hills and mountains. --Lower School parent

Blessing - Our son was really struggling socially in the traditional private school he attended up until 3rd grade. Once he started attending Mill Springs things got much better for him. He has friends!! --Upper School parent

Lifesaver - I am and was truly in awe from the first day of the transformation and the child I now have because of MSA, it started the first day, I'm not exaggerating, and continues today. I could never truly explain how greatly we appreciate and how a Godsend and a lifesaver Mill Springs has been for not just our son, but our whole family. --Communication Arts parent

Smart - a smart approach to teaching smart kids how to create a smart future. -- Middle School parent

Impactful - MSA just sticks with you ... the community, educational style, the people all leave an unforgettable mark/imprint on you. --Faculty

Life-preserver - When we found Mill Springs, I screamed downstairs from my office computer with joy. I felt like I finally found our match. From dyslexia to gifted, to ADHD, this school could do it all! Then we visited MSA. I can honestly say that the feeling of "life-preserver" was what I felt. After being in the Mill Springs family now for four years, I cannot explain how refreshed our family feels. Now, the confidence (our kids) exude is contagious and very apparent to anyone who sees them speak. --Lower and Middle Schools parent

Nurturing - a safe place where he can learn and mature into his unique colors. --Lower School parent

Peace - When I found Mill Springs, I was finally at peace. I knew I could stop looking. I knew my boys were someplace where they could have their needs met and stay for the long haul. --Upper School & Alumni parent

Compassionate - From the teachers to administrators, to parents. Everyone is kind and working to help the students and their fellow families. --Upper School parent

Inclusive - Because everyone gets to take part. --Communication Arts parent

Hope - Because Mill Springs was willing to overlook challenges and take a chance on educating our daughter when other schools would not. --Lower School parent

Ideal - Because it is ... as an institution, as an employer, and as a community. --Faculty