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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for all enrolled students (an enrollment contract and deposit must be on file with Mill Springs Academy for your financial aid application to be considered). Financial aid awards are made on the basis of financial need and the reasonable expectation of a student's success in the program. Application must be completed and submitted by April 17. The amount of financial aid is recommended by the Financial Aid Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees. Each family who receives financial aid should expect to pay some tuition, as there are no full tuition awards.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure that you completely fill out and submit the application. You will also be required to submit current tax returns as part of the financial aid application process. Your application cannot be processed if it is not complete by the deadline.
  • In order to be considered for financial aid, the financial aid information detailed on the application is required by both biological parents even in the case of divorce, separation or estrangement.
  • Aid is awarded on a one-year basis only.
  • Candidates who fail to provide the required information, do not follow the guidelines, or miss deadlines may not be considered for assistance by the financial aid committee.
  • All information supplied by the parent is considered confidential.
  • Mill Springs does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, color, religion, handicap, national or ethnic origin in awarding financial aid.

Applying for financial aid is a two step process:

1. Financial Aid Worksheet - Print and fill out this Financial Aid WORKSHEET. The Worksheet will be helpful in preparation for completion of the Financial Aid Application.

Financial Aid Worksheet

2. Financial Aid Application - Fill out the Financial Aid APPLICATION. At any time, if you have questions or need help during the application process, you may reach TADS at 800-477-8237, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm Central Time. You may also contact TADS staff through live chat on their website and email at support@tads.com.

Financial Aid Application