2023-2024 Electives

Course Offerings Worksheet 

Please refer to the course description section in the MSA Course Catalog for information about each class, including prerequisites or restrictions. Each course is subject to interest by students and scheduling constraints, all courses are not offered every year. Your core classes will automatically be included in your schedule.

General Information

Mill Springs Academy's curriculum is designed to be challenging, with emphasis on the courses required for success in middle and upper grades. The curriculum is innovative and individualized, offering a variety of approaches for presenting material and information. Every student works individually with each of his/her teachers to determine the student's learning style and academic goals. Mill Springs operates on a semester system, with courses offered for one year or one semester. Please note in the course description catalog which courses are semester-long and year-long. Please note if the course has a prerequisite or special circumstances for admittance.

Requirements by School

UPPER SCHOOL: (Grades 9 – 12) Students must earn 24 Carnegie Units (CU) to graduate. Each class earns 0.5 CU per semester.

The following list includes graduation requirements in addition to core courses:
• Physical Education (1 semester required)
• Health (1 semester required)
• Junior Transitions (1 semester required - Spring)
• Senior Transitions (1 semester required - Fall)
• World Language (2 consecutive years of same language required in grades 9-12 unless waived by testing)
• Economics (1 semester required)
• Civics (1 semester required)
• Science - 4 years required with choice of science in 11th grade

Click on the link below that corresponds to your child's 2023-2024 school year grade level: