Mill Springs Academy offers a broad range of college preparatory and fine arts post-secondary preparation, along with college and fine arts placement support to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our carefully structured, yet warm and encouraging environment, where your student will learn self-respect, self-discipline, a sense of personal commitment and how these apply to the world around him or her. We are focused on providing your student with the tools, skills and values necessary for on-going academic success equivalent to his or her abilities across the spectrum of multiple intelligences. More than than 95% of our graduates are accepted to a college.

Community System

The Community System is the foundation of Mill Springs Academy and it helps guide students in becoming responsible, positive, and productive citizens of their communities. Both students and faculty share in the decision-making process as they build a community and culture in which they work toward goals, and learn to trust and care for each other. The Community System helps students discover their strengths and challenges, supports academic achievement, and promotes independence, personal responsibility, and community involvement.

Volunteer service is a vital component of the Mill Springs Academy Levels System. The purpose is to help students realize and respond to the needs of our community at large. The faculty and staff of MSA encourage and support this responsibility and participation by all our students. Volunteer service can be done anywhere as long as it is not part of your regular responsibilities/chores (make your bed) and you do not receive any money for your work. We sometimes have service hours available at school, but we encourage you to seek opportunities in your neighborhood or with registered agencies. Service Hour requirements vary by school and the student's Level within the community. You can find specifics in your School's Community Structure document.