Welcome from our Head of School

Debbie Orr, Head of School

At Mill Springs Academy, we deeply value and emulate the words of our founder, Tweetie L. Moore, "if a student can't learn the way we teach...we should teach the way a student can learn." I know firsthand that all children can learn. It is up to us as teachers and administrators to adapt our instruction to each learner. I also strongly believe that children need to feel loved in their learning environment. Learning is about taking risks, and a child will only take a risk if they feel safe and supported in their environment.

As an administrator, it is my job to support what goes on in the classroom. I believe that teaching is both an art and a science. The art is the non-traditional approach, and the science is the implementation of best practices. When a school combines both, excellent education is the outcome. I believe that Mill Springs both encourages creativity in the classroom and trains the teachers in best practices.

I invite you to learn more about the way we teach to each learner, the variety of opportunities we provide to students while maintaining small class sizes and a personal feel, and how our curriculum provides academic rigor, challenging each student.

Debbie M. Orr 
Head of School