About Us

Mill Springs Academy provides a values-based, college preparatory and career readiness  education in a supportive environment for students with learning differences who have not realized their full potential in traditional classroom settings.

Mission Statement

Mill Springs Academy is a values-based educational community dedicated to the academic, physical, and social growth of those students who have not realized their full potential in traditional classroom settings.

If a student can't learn the way we teach ... we should teach the way a student can learn.-Tweetie L. Moore, Founder

Vision Statement

By providing exceptional facilities including individual school buildings, fine arts and athletics, Mill Springs will offer a stimulating and challenging learning environment that utilizes technology across the entire curriculum, which maximizes individual potential and ensures that students of all ability levels are well equipped for success in school and success in life.

Core Values (The 3 Cs)

Courteous - We value relationships that are based on attentive communication. We expect all members of the community to practice open, honest communication and to do so in a mannerly and supportive way.

Considerate - We value relationships that are based on showing others respect and dignity. We want all students, teachers and parents to be aware of and considerate of each others differences. Through words, actions and expectations, the community acknowledges and accepts all members.

Cooperative - We value a community that is collaborative and responsive to the needs of its members and of the larger world. The collective group of students, teachers and parents respond/react to individuals and groups with a shared interest in determining the best course of action to meet academic, social, emotional, and/or physical needs.

Mill Springs Academy learners strive to be:

  • Complex and creative thinkers, who explore their own curiosity and use creativity in all forms of expression. Thinkers who can listen, reason, reflect, make decisions, innovate, and solve problems, and can organize, support and defend their solutions.
  • Independent, self-directed learners, who can advocate for themselves, set and prioritize goals, monitor and evaluate progress, use information resources and emerging technologies, and adapt to change by developing strategies to deal with the unexpected.
  • Effective and creative communicators who use a variety of skills and methods to express concepts and ideas.
  • Informed and responsible citizens who can contribute to their community, their country and their world.
  • Collaborative workers who can demonstrate cooperation and leadership within groups to accomplish a common goal.
  • Quality producers whose work reflects high standards, originality and unique abilities.
  • Community members who are responsible, positive and productive participants in their communities. Our Community Structure exists to help our students discover their strengths and challenges, support academic achievement, and promote independence, personal responsibility, and community involvement.