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Program Description

Mill Springs Academy bases learning strategies on Academic Plans individually developed for each student by our multidisciplinary staff. Learning strategies are generated from psycho-educational evaluations, previous school records, diagnostic skills assessments, observations, communication with other professionals involved with the student and our continuing experiences with the student. Mill Springs Academy is committed to a comprehensive program design that is multifaceted to meet the needs of the child.

Mill Springs Academy provides a carefully structured environment within a warm, supportive atmosphere. Our structural approach is a milieu environment that involves our Community Levels System, daily values groups, individualized contracts and Life Space Interview techniques. Parent Education Groups are conducted throughout the year to afford parents the opportunity to understand and utilize our philosophy and techniques. Our Parent Groups positively enhance school-parent interactions. Conferences with parents are scheduled throughout the term and others are based on the immediate needs of the student as defined by the student, family, or school.

Our Community Levels System is a school wide, reality-based structure that clearly defines the responsibilities and privileges associated with each level of responsibility. The System allows the student to make fully informed choices resulting in privileges or consequences. It allows the staff members to function as facilitators. Community Meetings are led by the principal of each school component and involve both staff and peer feedback.

The Community monitors the interactions of its members and enforces the Levels System while academic expectations and interventions are individualized. Interactive expectations are the same for all students - to respect oneself and all others of the community. When students accomplish this major goal with the help of the MSA Community, they will have acquired sound social problem solving skills, as well as, joy and self-satisfaction in their interactions with others.