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Making a Difference

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Our Jaws Were On The Ground


We reviewed for the test with the flash cards our son made. We know he was working on them that day he stayed after. Perhaps he also used class time? Either way, we wanted to tell you that our jaws were on the ground when we picked him up in your class that day. He detests writing. Over the summer when we learned he has dyslexia, we finally understood why.

The fact that he was calmly and diligently working on them with you after school is a testament to your relationship with him. It’s also a great example of your use of that time. Thank you for creating an environment where he successfully tackled something he usually runs from and refuses!!  Well done!!

Let us know how we can ever assist in your efforts. Gratefully,

Middle School Parent

Helped Me Understand

Good Morning,

I just wanted to thank you all for hosting Curriculum Night. It was such a pleasure getting to go from class to class and meet all of our son's teachers. That really helped me understand his schedule and the expectations of each class. I appreciate all of your time and effort. It's so nice to know he is in such a caring, understanding environment. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful labor Day weekend.

Take Care,

Middle School Mom

Very Happy


I just thought last night of sending a really nice email to you. Thank you so much for being the best teachers I have had at Mill Springs! You make my day very happy and help me on work when I need it. Thank you Susan and Nina for being the best principals ever.

PreUpper Student

He Truly Wants to Learn

Hello Everyone,

Thank y'all so much for working with our son. I can not tell you all how much I appreciate your kind words, patience, and guidance. He truly wants to learn and I'm so thrilled he's in a school that will work with him and help build his confidence and love of learning. Have a wonderful day.

Middle School Parent

I Wish I Knew About You Sooner

Thanks Laurie - for the help and for the compliment on our son. He loves Mill Springs and was NEVER like this in public school. He is so smart and kind but he was so overwhelmed that none of this came through. Thanks for taking such good care of him. I wish I knew about you guys sooner!!

Warm Regards,

Lower School Parent