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Making a Difference

Scan through our posts to see what our families and others have to say about how their experience at Mill Springs Academy has made a difference in their lives.

So Lucky to Have You

Thank you so much for your note. It brought tears to my eyes. Our son has been so lucky to have you for math the past two years. I give you all the credit for turning him around in math. It's amazing what a good teacher can do!! I hope you don't think you're losing him - I have every expectation that we will be calling you for tutoring for math for years to come  :)

PreUpper Mom

Amazing to See Her Blossom

Thank you so much for your kind note and words of encouragement.

MSA has been a blessing to our daughter and our family.

Thank you all for all your encouragment this year. It has been amazing to see her blossom.

Many thanks

PreUpper Mom

Quite an Impressive Program

It was truly my pleasure. I haven't been to your program in years and have to say I was truly impressed and will definitely have clients that I feel very confident in referring to you guys. Quite an impressive program, and believe me I do not say that often in Atlanta. In fact I have often referred to different states to find programs willing to deal with the many facets of the complicated children I treat. So thank you, and I look forward to working with you guys!

Local Psychologist after a campus visit

Far Better Prepared for Life

Hey Josh,

Really appreciate you popping in on the match today. Our son really lit up when he walked over to see you.

Your encouragement to him goes way beyond wrestling, swimming, lacrosse and the classroom, as you well know. Our son has huge respect for you and even just seeing a smile from you inspires him to be even more courageous to lean into whatever life holds for him.

He is already far better prepared for life because of you and we look forward to the days and years ahead.


PreUpper Dad

Did Their Very Best to Prepare Me

I had a wonderful time visiting MSA and talking to the NAHS (National Art Honors Society) and senior class about college! The connection I have with this school couldn't go away if I wanted it to.

I get more and more sad about the idea of having to leave my beloved roommate(at college), but I'm sure we'll do what we can to keep our bond as tight as ever.

Either way, thank you to all the teachers at MSA who did their very best to prepare me for my college experience! I'll come back to visit from time to time, and I hope to always have new experiences to share.

Emily Van Aken, MSA 2018