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Scan through our posts to see what our families and others have to say about how their experience at Mill Springs Academy has made a difference in their lives.

Hello Mr. Sellers,

I had to share this with you. Our son has been home sick since Sunday. Today, I know he’s feeling better because he got up and started working on what I assumed was an assignment. He just came into my office and said, “Mom, I used what I learned in Debate Class to persuade you and Dad to buy me a PS4 game”. He created a PowerPoint and impressed me with his organization of thoughts, reasons and explanations. I want to THANK YOU and all his teachers at Mill Springs. In the past, he would NEVER have been able to do this. He’s worked hard but I know it’s because of you, all his wonderful teachers, staff and kids at Mill Springs that he’s come this far. You all have changed the course of his future! You’ve given him the strength, courage and knowledge to succeed in life. Most of all, you all have allowed him to be himself and to appreciate his gifts!

Thank you for the bottom of my heart!!!!

PreUpper Parent

Dear Robert,

We both know that many kids and their parents have passed through your office over the years. You SHOULD know all of them have been changed by their Mill Springs experience.You, the teachers, staff and coaches all watch over, advise, comfort, and educate, whole families as their kids run through the buildings and halls of this school.

The teachers and coaches are regularly thanked for their efforts. We are truly thankful that the "Village" that is the MSA community for encouraging, pushing, prodding, poking and caring about our son as they guided him through anxiety, ADD, LD issues, girls, life lessons, sports and so much more. MSA has helped to mold him into the caring, charming, young man of which HE can be proud.

All of this is a prelude to a huge THANK YOU for some words you asked me to relay to him this semester at Georgia Southern. Anxiety was getting the best of him (and me). You said you had no doubts about him because of what you had seen him do, on the baseball field. You asked me to tell him that not everyone could be a catcher. He had the ability to dig deep down to accomplish the goal he wanted for himself and his teammates. I did relay that message in an anxiety filled phone call that night.

THE POINT? Weeks later I was telling him how proud we were of this semester's grades (A's and B's) and of his hard work and courage to even go back to school. When I asked him what he thought was different this year. He said he didn't know but somehow when he heard what you said about the baseball field everything just clicked into place.

Your teachers gave him knowledge and tools he needed, but YOU made it click for him! THANK YOU THANK YOU. As parents we will be forever thankful for Mill Springs Academy and for both Tweetie's and your vision. You have made our family better, stronger, and helped our son find his way.

Wishing you a Peaceful New Year.

Warmest regards,

Class of 2015 Alumni Parent

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful break with your families. We are so very thankful for you and everything MSA has done for our grandson. What an amazing school!

--Lower School Grandparents

Just wanted to pass on a comment I heard my daughter say this morning. If I don't write this down and send to you know, I will forget to...

On the way to the bus this morning we were talking about teachers and how Taylor calls his teachers by their first name and his sister calls her teachers by their last names. Then he said and explained how he calls you "MG" and that it's your initials. Then he continues to pause and say, "MG is the coolest teacher I have ever had. I really like him. He is just the best teacher." He also explained how awesome it was the other day when you used ClaroRead through your speakers outside and in the hallways.

You have made quite an impression on him and it made us feel really good to know that he is surrounded by wonderful teachers like you.

Sincerely, A PreUpper Parent