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“I could sense from the teachers commitment to her academic, social & emotional success.”- PreUpper Parent


“Not only has Mill Springs changed his life, but it has changed ours as well.”
- Middle School Parents


“He has really blossomed at Mill Springs! We are so thrilled and incredibly proud!”
- Communication Arts Parents


“What you do inside the walls of this school is incredibly special.”
- Upper School Parent


“I do believe Mill Springs built his confidence and helped him not only academically, but socially. This was the best investment our family made.”
- Parent of a Graduate


“I am so glad I have ADHD because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to go to Mill Springs.”
- Lower School Student


"Everything you are doing is making such a difference for our child and our family."- PreUpper Parent


The real trick is to inspire a student to want the knowledge so they learn it for their own benefit. You inspired him to care.”
- Parent of a Graduate

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MSA Spotlight

Carpool Safety

Please be safe during carpool! The Carpool Line is a single file line. DO NOT PASS, at any time, this is a no passing zone. If the buses are stopped at the curb, that means that students are loading and/or unloading - DO NOT PASS. We realize you very possibly have places to be after school, but let's arrive to those destinations safely. It may seem like those few extra moments waiting in the Carpool Line last forever, but you might be making a difference in someone's life, and isn't that worthwhile?

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